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I am somewhat new here, I've owned a few cool newer SAABs before. I got lucky and found someone gifting a project 9000 1988 2.0 S non turbo. It was a school teacher's and she babied it. It was running when parked. Even gave me two fresh seats with it and title and wasn't even an hour away from my house. I'll be keeping it forever, since I've found out they run for a long time, and this thing has so much style. I've been wanting to get a 80s retro red paint car and it's like it just fell right into my hands. Not exactly the supra my friend used to own I was I imagining..... BUT BETTER! A 9000 S!!!! (Sweet Body Style) a true Saab story,
Automotive parking light Car Wheel Vehicle Tire

my life has been, I can truly declare now.
Car is just months older than I am give or take 1 year
_: )

I look forward to diving into the world of 9000 and being part of the community.

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