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Took my CDE to Abbott on Monday to have it's 90k service and one of their high-flow intercoolers. It's also been suffering from a missfire only under heavy load e.g top gear acceleration on the motorway.

Abbott changed the spark plugs which cured the missfire until I reached the M25 on the way home. So last night, after reading all the DI posts I could find, I removed the cassette and cleaned it although it was remarkably clean anyway. I did, however, notice that one of the springs was slightly shorter than the rest so I stretched them all ever-so-slightly so that they are all a smidgen over 1.5 inches long.

Re-assembled, sprayed the end rubber parts with white grease and the missfire has gone.

Some enthusiastic testing along the A30 followed which also showed that the intercooler has made a noticable difference to the character of the power delivery too. It no longer seems to run out of breath after 4.5k rpm and the power seems to come in lower.

I went for the intercooler because I noticed a power increase during the recent cold weather. Now I have it all the time

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