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Well i wish that it was so easy to fit the same kit (bar the fact that the discs are 325mm as opposed to 335mm that George has....) to Jez F's 9000

Problems encountered so far are:-

Brake flexi hoses too short and unions are wrong to mate with the Saab's fixed lines.
Brake caliper relocation bracket has been designed by 'Stevie Wonder' as there is no way this thing was made to fit this kit - caliper is barely in contact with the disc - i estimate that only around 1/2 to 2/3 pad area is actually in contact with the disc - the caliper needs to be relocated towards the centreline of the hub by approx 13mm for full contact to be made
- bit too much to get the angle grinder out for a slight 'modification'....
Definately not plug and play - far from it.
Oh and the wheel due to the caliper location being completely wrong wont clear the caliper

Looks like the solution is for me to remove the entire hub assembly at the weekend and send it to Godspeed - why they didint ask for this in the first instance rather than 'guesstimating' measurements is a mystery .
Not a good frist impression...


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my bracket was wrong too but not by so much
5-6 mm so it was mr angle grinder that sorted it
the calipers needed shimmed in and they were also about 2 mm "skewed" from top to bottom
but I had time to sort it..
they are bedded in now and they are great..
real positive power with no vibration that cursed the last set up (and probably cracked the discs)

would I reccommend this supplier ?

not unless he sorts out his customer interface ...
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