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Bought a '96 9000 CS 2.0LPT recently. (Manual)

Well, I guess the honeymoon period on the new car is over. Several things become apparent:

The back box is, erm, 'crispy' for want of a better word. I've been quoted 350 pounds for a stainless steel exhaust (not inc. cat or downpipe). Is this reasonable? I was told it's due to the silencer boxes being huge.

There's a slight vibration at idle, which worsens when pulling away at low revs. Particularly noticable when accelerating in any gear from about 2000rpm. If you accelerate hard, you can actually see the gearstick move forwards.

I'm assuming this is engine mounts? though don't know which ones. The top-rear mount looks reasonable though.

While examining the remains of the back box, I noticed that the rear anti-roll bar is ever-so-slightly 'v' shaped. Is this right? Should it not be completely flat?

Other niggles: Fuel consumption seems to have got worse, as does mid-range acceleration. How likely is that to be related to the dead exhaust?

It also occasionally idles oddly. 'Hunts' ever so slightly, sometimes on startup it revs to 1500, drops to 600 then stabilises at about 1100 until it's warmed up. Other times, particularly after high speed runs, it nearly stalls at junctions - revs drop to about 600 and engine stutters before picking up again. Any ideas?

It only has 73000 miles on it, plus had a full saab service history when I bought it, so I'm wondering whether I really should be expecting this kind of thing (it's otherwise immaculate)

All advice appreciated.


(Hope I don't sound like I'm complaining too much, I actually love the car )

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Mine had a bit of a kink too - should be fine.

As for the rest - it sound like it needs a good service. There are a few areas worth checking out:
Engine hunting: clean throttle body and especially the AIC valve (below the throttle body) - Assumign you have one. Did wonders for my aero.

Std Stainless cat-back exhaust:

Vibration does sound like mounts - especially if the gearstick is moving.
Stick the handbrake on hard and apply some power while someone is watching the engine and see how much it moves (shouldnt be much at all). If in doubt replace the top torque arm bushes for starters.

After that replace the plugs with these and (nothing else!) - cheap as chips too.

And give all the hoses a really good check for leaks as the hunting may also be due to this.
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