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just collected it to replace my 52 plate. Its nice but not noticeably quicker than the 250hp 52 plate. The sat nav is interesting first that you cannot turn on the sat nav without the radio or then turn off the radio while keeping the sat nav on. Am I missing a trick here please? Also driving all the way from newcastle to herts yesterday the FM seek function barely found any stations and all the ones I could get easily dont sound very clear. Might this mean I have an aerial connection problem that could be easy to fix. Think its a good buy though from a Vuaxhaul dealer (who must have taken it in px). Its a demo plus one owner, 47,000 with full service history (at leasy all the stamps in the book) and manual with sat Nav. Annoyingly though things I had as standard on the 52 it does not yhave like cargo net, memory seat and electric passenger seat. paid £6,100 and got full mot and 6 months tax. I think its a good deal. What do you think?

On previous car I had sump dropped to check for sludge. Do I need top do that for a 57 or does it not have the oil strainer problem. A specialist I know says I should let them make a small hole in the strainer. Sounds odd!


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