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9-3 convertible my2000 B204E 5-speed T5 with t7 apc

Seems there is no fuel getting to plugs, and my obd2 dongles don't want to conect either, have tried both which previously connected via Torque Pro no probs.

On the engine loom that goes into the passanger compartment, under dash.
There is a 10-pin plug with some yellow wires, that I can't recall if it was/wasnt connected to something!!

Tried looking at the saab emanual but find it awkward in comparison to regular diagrams.

Idle control valve wire was in injector 1! oops
inj1 &2 have same wire colours, so have back traced to ecu 3 & 4, still no start.
Tried two obd2 dongles and 2 ecus, no communication.
here's a pic:

The fuel pump seems only to prime initially, after key turn, but then does not run!
Fires on starting fluid.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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