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I have a Chilli Red 1.9 Tid 150 Sportwagon in Linear Sport trim

Done thus far
New ECM (old one went faulty)
Rear Bilstein B6 shocks
New stock height rear springs (my old man who had the car previously fitted them...I'd have personally went with a 30mm drop..)
Monroe reflex front shocks and new springs with new bearings
New OEM drop links
DPF gutted and map out (need to have that checked...bloke who did it seemed clueless)
Precat gutted
EGR Blanked at both turbo and manifold end
Turbo to EGR cooler pipe removed
New V /alt belt
55W 6000K HID kit and Xenons enabled
Upgrade from ICM1->ICM2
Aux in fitted and enabled
Armrest power socket fitted
Saab roof bars (only fitted when needed)
Keys recased
Glowplugs replaced with new Beru
Throttle body cleaned
Thermostat housing and stat replaced and coolant flushed and renewed
New flexi pipe (prev owner had one fitted..failed within 18 months....)
Injector one replaced due to leaking (3 and possibly 4 also need done - over/underfuelling respectively)
New air con condenser/dryer (though holed it by accident when mesh behind bumper broke loose...grrrrrr)
Power Steering fluid flushed and renewed
Brake fluid flushed and renewed with DOT5.1
Usual servicing and brake rebuilds
New windscreen washer pump as the last one failed suddenly...
Tailored mats

To do:
Track rod ends (have Febi Prokit to go on)
Poss the Banana bars
Timing belt and waterpump
17" alloys with 225/45/17s (vectra C SRI Preface minus the Vaux badges) - and refurb them (have a set on the back currently, just wearing down the tyres on the front and then get the other 2 17s on (might as well wear the 16s out...they came with the car and aren't a terrible brand)
314mm discs and calipers for front (have calipers already)
Fit airhorns (too many pseudo comatose people round my way driving....)
Look into 292 rear calipers and vented discs
Renew handbrake cable
Body Coloured door handles...if I can find a set at a reasonable price
Clean up subframe and cold galv spray and paint
have some paint bubbles sorted out and the mirror someone gouged in a car park repaired (lets hope the colour matched paint I have is a match...)
Might change the SID from green to blue or red...need to look into it before deciding if its worth the potential hassle.
Sort the aircon again
Windscreen is getting replaced on tuesday as its full of chips here there and everywhere...
Once thats done, new bosch wipers going on (only had them...5 months....)
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