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on my Hirsch custom programmed 1999 9-3. Initial impression was of a good improvement in power. I wanted to do a dyno run before installing it but, the shop didn't have time for me for a few weeks. I was really itching to get it installed so in it went without the dyno run. My previous speed on 1/4 mile runs was about 97-98 mph. I went to the drag strip here in Spokane but since it was supposed to be "street racing", they were not using the timing lights. I did, however, reach an indicated 103 mph by the finish line, where I previously indicated about 98 mph.

Anyways, my dyno run at Hirsch was 200 whp. In NL it was 209 whp. I just got to the dyno here yesterday and it came out to 228 whp and 259 lb-ft of torque. I am quite pleased with those numbers. I also hope to get to the drag strip this coming weekend when they are using the timing lights and see how my time and speed improve.

So, in the end, I think it is very safe to say the MP Performance intercooler gave a good improvement in power over the Viggen intercooler that was in my car.
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