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MOT near miss

Just had my 2.3 ECO cse mot'd. It passed but needs some work during the year.

Front down pipe needs replacing. Who is the best and cheapest option?

Discs all round! How hard is this to do. Do you really need to check with a run out meter?

Lower wishbone bushes. Is there only a rear one (the Haynes manual is poor on this)Is this difficult to do.

Does the top bush need replacing( they sell it at ELK parts) again not enven mentioned in haynes manual.

Drop links bushes need doing, assume not too difficult. Any snags?

Anti roll bar bushes are new. I put poly ones in last summer

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Re: MOT near miss

front pipe...
there are two options here
sports downpipe 3" from elkparts
good value but more expensive than standard but ..
gives you lots if you are thinking of doing any kind of tuning
A standard downpipe form ecp is about 100 iirc...

discs are dead easy and very reasonable... three sources I know of elkparts ,ecp and german and swedish...
g+s do a brembo option for not much more than standard
lots of upgrade options from these guys...

there are two wishbone bushes
It is the rear one that goes normally

two ways to do this
you can buy a poly version with the housing from abbotts (£££)
or a standard one with the housing from ecp (££)
or put the poly in your housing (£- plus some hassle )

top bush

drop links less than a tenner from ecp dead easy to do...

If you do a search there has been lots of discussion on these items and piccies

good luck
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