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Tyres , that's a nice subject , but a dificult one , tyres manufacteurs keep on changing the quality of the rubber on the tyre life and improve the performance in the same time .

The suspension set-up , the fact is a 4WD or 2WD , a FWD or RWD , etc , and the results are quite different .

Also tyres like the S-O3 or Eagle F1 tend to work better on heavy cars , with certain tyres is easier to feel the limits of the car , P7 or PZero and others like the S-03 often is to late when the "message" arrives .

The way of driving is important also , someone who have a fast and heavy car but not the car control of a ... R. Burns for ex. , a Conti SportContact is perfect .

Can make a tyre test every year with all the time different results .

And all this high performance tyres hate cold temperatures .

So if high performance is not your "tasse de thé" , better chose a more "normal" tyre .
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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