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Originally posted by nAuTiLuS^:
[qb]Currently using 225/40/18 SO3s on my MY02 9-5. Are these tyres generally noisy or is it due to the wide tyres? My rims are 18 x 8.5" Will the Eagle F1s beat the S03s?? [/qb][/b]
I'm not anti Bridgestone, I've got them on my bike , but...

quote:'The Bridgestone (SO-3), in last place garnered quite different comments. Meaden thought it's ride fidgity, that it generated noticable road noise and bump thump on both rough and smooth surfaces'

Overall this tyre came 7th out of the eight tyres tested. The tests were blind when required.
It should be noted that the tyres were 17" not the 18's you run.

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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