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most excellent car

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saab 9000 2.0 lpt 29000 miles, one owner, fsh, acc, full leather, new tyres p6000, just serviced, metallic ruby red. bought for £4850. extras. maptun ecu, koni suspension, forge dump valve, jt 3" complete exhaust, tarox discs and pads. total cost £7010. can anyone tell me of a better place to spend £7000 on a car that goes, stops and is safe and reliable.
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Nope But personally I'd be doing my best to wear out those P6000s to change them for some decent rubber
can you recommend any tyres john i will probably be changing to 16" wheels.
although I'm not John, Bridgestone Potenza S03s are hard to beat - especially in the wet. Pickup 4 205/55/16s for about £340 fitted, from memory.
Other recommended tyres on this forum tend to be Goodyear Eagle F1's. I can personally recommend them over the P6000's.
Me too. I replaced my worn out P6000 fronts for Eagle F1's
Currently using 225/40/18 SO3s on my MY02 9-5. Are these tyres generally noisy or is it due to the wide tyres? My rims are 18 x 8.5" Will the Eagle F1s beat the S03s??
Originally posted by nAuTiLuS^:
[qb] Will the Eagle F1s beat the S03s?? [/qb][/b]
According to Evo they will - (link)

Edit - that is a link from Goodyears's Homepage which states 'Eagle F1 wins Evo tyre test
The acclaimed Eagle F1 has a further accolade - Voted Best Tyre by Evo Magazine'
There are 3 different types of Eagle F1's.

1. GS-D2
2. GS-D3
3. GS Fiorano

The third one was specially designed for the Ferrari Enzo but is available in other sizes.

Doesn't the GS-D3 replace the GS-D2?

Edit - mine are GS-D3's which I've had for 2 or 3 months.
the GS-D3's don't replace the GS-D2's.

The GS-D3 is a superior tyre and only available in tyre sizes more suited to fast sports cars, especially low profiles.

The GS-D2 brings a performance tyre to more common sizes.
Originally posted by nAuTiLuS^:
[qb]Currently using 225/40/18 SO3s on my MY02 9-5. Are these tyres generally noisy or is it due to the wide tyres? My rims are 18 x 8.5" Will the Eagle F1s beat the S03s?? [/qb][/b]
I'm not anti Bridgestone, I've got them on my bike , but...

quote:'The Bridgestone (SO-3), in last place garnered quite different comments. Meaden thought it's ride fidgity, that it generated noticable road noise and bump thump on both rough and smooth surfaces'

Overall this tyre came 7th out of the eight tyres tested. The tests were blind when required.
It should be noted that the tyres were 17" not the 18's you run.

Tyres , that's a nice subject , but a dificult one , tyres manufacteurs keep on changing the quality of the rubber on the tyre life and improve the performance in the same time .

The suspension set-up , the fact is a 4WD or 2WD , a FWD or RWD , etc , and the results are quite different .

Also tyres like the S-O3 or Eagle F1 tend to work better on heavy cars , with certain tyres is easier to feel the limits of the car , P7 or PZero and others like the S-03 often is to late when the "message" arrives .

The way of driving is important also , someone who have a fast and heavy car but not the car control of a ... R. Burns for ex. , a Conti SportContact is perfect .

Can make a tyre test every year with all the time different results .

And all this high performance tyres hate cold temperatures .

So if high performance is not your "tasse de thé" , better chose a more "normal" tyre .
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