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First, as a disclaimer, this is just an idea. It's not been tested, and it will probably worsen emmissions and fuel economy slightly. (It explains why my Viggen seems to get better MPG figures than comparable cars in Europe perhaps.)

Ok so here's a picture that should explain what I'm going to do before I even say it.

This is right after your throttle body in your intake manifold:

Looks a bit restrictive if you ask me. What do you think?

Since it is NOT fitted to all T7 cars, I'm led to believe it has no effect on power. It's purpose is to distribute the air evenly between the cyllinders when there is very little air-velocity after the throttle at lower power.

Now on cars with sufficient octane it shouldn't harm power. Remember, T7 will over-come restrictions like that by running more boost, but more boost = more knock, so if you don't have enough octane (like me) this will reduce how hard your turbo and engine have to work, and should increase power.

Now here's part two ...

The Viggens in 1999 and 2000 got a special intake manifold:

Because of the second gasket, the intake air isn't as easily heated by the contact surface with the head.

Unfortunately, 2001-2002 (2003 conv) all got the same manifold the B205 had getten in 2000 (and similar to the NG900 turbo manifold, but slightly different, and ALL of them have the strainer:

Because it's one piece, it will heat up the air slightly more. Good perhaps for fuel mileage, and cheaper to produce, but poor-er for knock sensitivity.

The cost for "upgrading" to the two piece manifold is high ($310 USD), but it's useful information for anyone doing any serious tuning. It would also allow custom manifolds to be made more easily because the flange which mounts to the cyllinder head with the injectors is $91 US, and is pre-fabricated and easily ported. Thus a custom intake could be mated with that flange fairly easily.

Just thought this would interest some of you T7 owners out there.

Here are the cars which the EPC says have the strainer:

1999: None
2000: B205L, B205R
2001-2002: All

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