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Fitted the dawes device... took a little to get it dialed in ..but now ...oh yes
running just below 1.5 bar boost..
interestingly I put the old bleed valve to control the piston dump valve ...bad move !! while it controls the opening of the valve at idle it bleeds manifold pressure when it is boosting ..resulting in boost pressure loss..just when you need it
So I replaced it with what was on origonally..
a washer circuit anti siphoning valve.. working as a bleed valve under vacuum and a non -return valve under pressure ..sorted..this works a treat.. maybe I should call it the ylee device and charge people £30 for it !!!
anyway the dawes device works as advertised and is really simple to fit..
I am still getting the odd spike and I need to back it off just a tad but boy is my car fast.. I feel I wil lose my license for sure... ah well it was fun while it lasted...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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