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Misfire under load

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Okay well I am new here and I have an issue you with my 2003 saab 9-3.

Under full boost my car misfires..I got p0300 as many of you know random misfire...

So I checked for vacuum leaks and so on...

I pulled the plugs and coils and this is what I got...btw I changed the plugs in January...


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Morning and welcome.

any idea why two of the new plugs are so corroded around the base? for them to corode like this means water/coolant/fluid is getting on them, possibly running down the coil pack - fluid will flow to the lowest point and the whole of the base is corroded. two of the coil packs are also showing signs of water damage. water and coil packs do not mix.

Might be plug or coil pack playing up but i would find and sort the source of the leak first as this is the likely cause of your problem.
Kez, if you enlarge the pics the plugs are all the right type, the 'gap' on plug 2 looks massive! also if you enlarge the coil pack pic you can see the water ingress on two of the coils - my money is on water/fluid getting in.

actually i got this for p0300 -
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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