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Hi all, just bought my first Saab, a 2006 93 Vector cabriolet 1.9 tid. I live in Bedfordshire just had a quote for £700 for full service and timing belt, does this sound reasonable?

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Hello and a warm welcome aboard the good ship saabscene Mikebailion
ummmm depends on what they class as a full service?
Apart from cambelt/water pump / tensioner which when I had mine done was £330.00 inc new I had auxiliary belt done in that price.
then all that's left is oil/ oil filter , cabin and air filter and diesel filter .which even if you went all genuine parts £100.00 ( if still available)
so I reckon £500.00
depends how good you are with spanners and how dirty you want to get ?
But even if you were to leave the cambelt kit and oil change and diesel filter change to them ( because they are the worst to do .
You can easily change the cabin and air filter your self.
but also there labour rates come into play .
the engines are shared with the vectra C you may find a Vauxhall dealer doing a fixed price on the cambelt, oil , diesel filter change .
above are some prices to give you a guideline, but there maybe a price difference between the 8 valve and 16 valve as far as the drive belt is concerned.
bit of a long winded reply but hope it helps .
one thing to add gearbox oil change , nothing is sealed for life thease days thou the manufacturer will tell you otherwise.
if an auto it requires 2/3 drain and re-fills to completely change due to the toque converter holding a lot of it .
manual is just drain and re-fill .
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