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So today I'll pick my 2005 9-3 TiD after an oil change, brake pad replacement, intake manifold and clutch kit replacement (ouch!)
The other day, after a short stop, I press the clutch pedal to start the engine, and it was stuck on the floor and had to call road assistance. The car is 253000 km and this happened before almost 8 years ago, again, without no warning. The mechanic told me the clutch would probably last for some time but he wouldn't risk to keep it. I also believe the procedure is to replace everything.
After the first fail, back in 2012, I have always been very careful to start/stop the engine with the clutch pedal pressed (I only learn that after that occasion) but it only lasted one more year than the replacement. The mechanic told me not to be so surprised, as he currently sees at his garage any mercs and audis with problems like these, some even at 70000km!

As for the intake manifold, the car was smoking a lot under hard acceleration (hirsch upgrade and dpf removed), and throwing white smoke when starting. The flaps were jammed and although they've cleaned the manifold, there was to much play on the plastic rods.

I'd like to ask if there is anything I can do to prevent this master/slave cylinder fail (besides stop driving :) ). Any special care? For example: after engine is stopped I usually press the clutch to engage 1st or reverse according to the parking spot. Could this be a bad thing?

Thanks and regards!
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