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Mark E's post re engine dates

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Originally posted by Mark E:
[qb]Trionic first appeared on the 2.3Ts and Aeros in MY93. MY94 onwards, a number of things changed including:

<ul type="square">
[*]the head
[*]the gearbox
[*]the ECU
These are the most significant differences.

[edit]Pics that may help

a) the battery end of the head showing the year/month it was made. This example is 1990, and the position of the dot indicates Dec. If the car says 93 and anything after about Oct/Nov, there's a good chance it's MY94.

B) a pic of the gearbox ID plate (towards the rear) from my MY93 CS

A 1994 registered car could be either of these MYs [/qb][/b]
I had a look at the number on my engine and it shows April 1995. Having ordered my uprate ECU, I am now slightly concerned as they are supposedly only for 96-. Yet my car has an intercooler which was only available for 96 models onwards (2.0 lpt) Am I worrying too much like a girly?
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I've never ordered an uprated ECU so this may be rubbish....

But don't you have to tell them the serial numbers etc. of the existing one? If so, they should be able to send you the right one.
There was no mechnical difference in the head between 95 and 96, so it's not unreasonable that a car that's MY96 has a 95 manufactured part in it
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