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Major Problems after Tune-up

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Hoping to get some ideas on what may have happened after I did some service on my car.

I recently did spark plugs, transmission flush, fuel pump, and the PCV update on my 03 9-5. The spark plugs and transmission flush were almost a month ago whereas the fuel pump and PCV were done over the weekend. I worked late Friday so I did the fuel pump and PCV update at night and tested the car out the next day. I drove around the block a few times to make sure everything was fine and once I gained confidence I headed out the interstate. Everything was fine on the interstate so I ran over to a car wash to clean up. As I got close to the car wash I noticed the oil light would come on at stoplights/idle. I ran the car home (about a mile away) and checked the oil. Everything looked good but I didn't want to mess around so I took another car to the store and bought new oil and some Seafoam. I drained the old oil out, put some seafoam in for about 10 minutes, drained that and poured fresh oil in.

Again I ran the car around town until I had confidence to test it out on the interstate. It made it to two parts stores and plenty of stop lights without issue so I hopped on the interstate to really test it out. I was under mild acceleration and up to about 70mph before I started hearing a raspy noise from the engine bay and in the rear view mirror I saw a cloud of white smoke. Seconds later it started to misfire (code P1300) and I limped it to the side. I turned the car off and towed it to my work.

I checked the oil and it was completely gone. I poured fresh oil in and after a few tries the car started but immediately shot out white smoke from the tailpipe and ran poorly. After about 30 seconds of continuous smoke I turned it off and haven't touched it since.

I'm very comfortable working on cars and typically do all my own work. I am out of my league here though and reaching out to the community for guidance on what I should check and what it may be. I do recall that the PCV update kit had some white wax like substance on some of the hoses. My best guess is that whatever I didn't wipe off made it's way into the oil and blocked a necessary path causing oil starvation. I'm not trying to blame the PCV update kit I bought but I feel like it's an important detail.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.
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