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M6 Juntion 6 northbound exit closed for 6months!

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Just a warning for anyone who uses the M6 to get into Birmingham.

I sometimes use the M6 to travel into work and get off at J6 onto the Aston Expressway.

Went that way this morning and saw signs which say that J6 (Northbound - not sure about Southbound), will be closed from the 2nd July 10pm until December!

I didn't have a clue that this was going to happen - I knew about the roadworks, but not this closure.

Just glad I went that way today, and not next Monday. Wouldn't have a clue how to get through from J5!

There are average speed cameras on the stretch from J5 to J6 - they must have caught loads of people as most go faster than me when I'm doing the posted limit (40mph).

Saw a Spanish HGV almost wipe out a little Peugeot van on that stretch this morning - think they have a big blind spot on their right (being left hand drive). The driver of the van did really well to avoid the HGV and to keep control. The HGV driver didn't have a clue about all the commotion(sp?)
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