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Don't do it !

I have just got the monster back from its latest gearbox re-build and I asked them to put in the same fd as before..
Bit of confusion and they ended up putting the origonal spec one in...
So I have interstellar gearing now
if I could pull the redline (a possibility ?)top speed would be the far side of 180 !!
It works
Ok its a bit slow taking off in top gear @ 70
but the rest of the gears are grrrrreeeeeaaaatt
where before on reasonablly tight corners where 3 was to low and 4 th was too high ..third is just perfect now
4 th is a real power overtaker gear and third is ballistic and goes all the way to 110 ...


Other things

Its quiet at cruising on the motorway
I am getting 33 mpg on a run...

The origonal idea was to improve the response because the standard aero feels a little lethargic if you are in the wrong gear Lowering the FD gives a lot more pep
but when you get to 300 + you really do not need it and the standard gearing is great for b road blasting

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If I get the aerodynamics sorted and the front spoiler tied down and new wheels
I reckon 160 +

(up from 155.3)

I would love to have a crack at the fwd record
(about 175 I believe....)

The power characteristics of the engine has been totally changed..

Instead of a very distinct running out of puff @ 5k
it increases alll the way to 6.8 k


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Well, just because we can... I'd disagree

I'm circa 300ish, and more importantly with a smaller turbo, get more torque low down.

I was nervous about going from circa 3.6 to 4.05, but having lived with it I really do prefer it.

I won't deny I miss the blast of being able to take 2nd to over 70 (well actually a recent rev limit change means I still get almost there ) and 3rd to well over 100, but what I really enjoy is the new found flexibility of 3rd- I can pull comfortably without changing gear from 30 to well above the national speed limit. I'm still geared for a technical top speed of 170mph+, which I think is more than enough
. The lower final drive is of benefit with the AP paddle clutch too.

Also, round town, being able to comfortably drop in to 4th around 30 is a bonus. It just feels a more lively car.

But despite beign a 2.3T, my car is different from both ylee's and Bill's. Perhaps the fact that it is MY93 with the lower CR makes a differnce too?
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