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Lovely weather for turbos...

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...except for the damp roads. Just took a work colleague out to experience the joys of my new toy and half scared him to death :)

I'm beginning to think that my APC/DI unit may not be what it seems. I'm also beginning to think I might need new front tyres very soon after much 2nd gear wheel spinning :-0

Amazing the fun you can have without breaking the speed limit.

Apologies for the rather inane post. I'm sure the novelty will soon wear off and I'll be back to some semblance of sensibility. I just didn't expect a 9000 2.0T to feel faster than my 2 door 99T.
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I've wheelspun mine in 3rd! See Mr Cartwright - these cars can be fun after all!

It should wear off quickly in the wet if your 2.0T is anything like my 2.3T - very little traction in the wet for fast getaways. Mind you, I try to only take mine out on dry days now!

Is this before you've had the new APC/DI unit?

Kevin Mc
9000 Carlsson 2.3T
If only I could get so much wheelspin

There must be something wrong with my 97 Aero, as I have had no wheelspin accelerating in 2nd gear.

Not sure what to do about it though.

I could wait until one of these meetings and see how other cars compare.

Any suggestions?
Sevenman - I wouldn't complain! At least you're getting the power down on the road!

Believe the Aero's deliver the power differently - so that the Carlssons "feel" faster after the small lag, whereas the Aero's power is spread accross a wider band, but is just as quicker (quicker?)

They've probably just sorted the Aero's out to be a little bit less.... erm, mental than the Carlssons.

What do other Aero owners think? I can't comment too much as I've never driven one!

Kevin Mc
That should have read:

"....just as quick (quicker?)"
As a former owner of a 1990 2.0 (195 bhp no cat ) Carly and current owner of a 96 manual aero I can comment but see a thread I started last summenr called Aero V Carlsson.

In short the carly felt wilder it was either on or off. The Aero a bit less of a thrill most of the time but better sorted and quicker overall and without doubt loads better in fifth gear. Can still spin the aero wheels in third by stepping on the loud pedal if a bit damp on the roads.

Loved the Carly to bits but the Aero's even better.

If i turn the traction control off on my 94 Aero it will quite happily wheelspin in 3rd and possibly 4th on damp roads, even with moderatley decent tyres.

With traction control on, it will only momentarily spin when going over white lines even in very heavy rain.

Your 97 Aero has the traction control on all the time doesn't it ?

As far as I am aware the 97 Aeros didnt have the TCS fitted, and I have seen nothing to do with it in the car.

Maybe mine is a special "Slow Edition" Aero, or my expectations are too high.

Certainly no wheelspin when I put my foot down at 3000rpm in 2nd.
when I first had my aero it spun in 3rd+wet too easily. The tyres were cheaper michelins. Changed to Michelin Premacy (a bit pricey) but won't spin in 3rd now and whips round traffic islands in the wet like no car i've ever owned before. Maybe you've just got good tyres?
Sevenman, what boost does the gauge show? Are you hitting the broken red or only part way up into the yellow?
The tyres are Michelin Pilot HX I think.

As for boost, I will have to check. Might be able to do so when I drive it tonight, then I will let you know.

I dont really want to take it to my local Saab dealer, as they would charge a lot for looking at it, and then probably suggest a new engine going by past experience.

A Saab specialist or other kowledge Saab person in the area would be better for taking it to.
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