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Looking to buy an Aero?

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If anybody is looking around to buying an Aero at the moment, check out the Abbott Racing website, they've got their ex-demo modified Aero for sale at the moment....what a 'peach', and only 35K miles!
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I agree but its pricey and why oh why if that is there best one ( as it featured in their broshure have they just upped it to 260 bhp. Giles at Abbott tell me these engines are good for up to 400 bhp so I would have thought with all their tricks they should be able to get a good road car up to 300bhp ( to give the rice eaters a run for their money). no offence just a joke all you scooby nuts.
Agree the engines can take up to that with no problem, it's the rest of it that can't....
Even with an LSD, 400 horses and god knows how much torque being transmitted through the front wheels......eekk!
Don't think the standard Aero gearbox would last too long either.....
I agree, if I had a bottomless pit of a money to constantly fix the thing, I'd like to try for that sort of grunt, just for the laugh....
Think you are right about the 9.3 platform. Claim is that the 9.5 can handle the power a whole lot better. The Viggen was an engine looking for a chassis. May have found it now in the 9.5
Yeah, anything over 300bhp is not gonna be a realistic proposition for an FF car. If you've got the money to obtain that sort of power you really ought to look at an AWD conversion probably with a 60/40 split front/back. Can any of the real tecchies out there tell me if this is possible considering the engine / trans layout on a 9000?

The Abbott Aero does look a beaut though.
The weak point on the 9000 is the pins in the gearbox. When you start going over 250 bhp mark, you need to be careful how much torque goes through the box in first and second. Hirsch (and I believe Abbott too) reduce the power slightly at lower speeds to compensate for this.

If any of you have bleed valves and are spinning your wheels a lot in first and second, I hope you have some nice savings put away!

The latest Hirsch tuning kit for the 9-5 Aero takes the power to 310 bhp, which is apprently about as much as the chassis can handle with FWD.

Yes, 310 bhp - I've started saving!
The weak point in 9000 gearboxes is 5th. The splines strip from the inside of the output side cog.

I've seen several with dodgy 5th, and my Carlsson box I was rebuilding today had less than half of the spline left on 5th. Luckily the doner box had more (I could get about 10 degrees of twist on the cog).

My reverse had been trashed before I bought the car a year ago (and it hung out his long - neraly), and the doner box died as the oil channels in the input shaft got blocked and siezed the gears.
I wonder why Abbott's haven't commisioned Quaife (who make the LSD for them) to design and machine some stronger gearbox internals for the 9000 'box?
Might have something to do with money probably...
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