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hello everyone ,
last 6years I'am researching about Scania truck and buses presence in the USA. Sometimes i spend 10hours per day.

for those who are not familiar ,back when Scania was owned by SAAB, Scania tried to get into USA market.

1984 they started to build city buses in, chassis with engine axles and transmission get from Sweden , while SAAB of USA was responsible for bodybuilding , although body was based on Swedish counterpart , but adopted for USA laws, many local companies were involved in parts supply,

1985 Scania enter into USA truck market, with 112 series of trucks , there was very limited model offer , and limit itself geographically to North East region, with plans to expand over continent.

1988 Scania stop bus production, total of 253 were sold until 1988 , many to Hawaii. , officially Scania say :"in the USA, price came before long life, low fuel consumption or quietness!"

1992 Scania decide to stop truck sales in USA; due to low sales number and low brand loyalty , total sold only 750trucks

I'am looking in any information about them, if someone have something , photo, brochure , spec sheet, or maybe something in some book about SAAB ., or know someone who might know more please contact me here or [email protected]

I tried to contact Scania of USA ( now they sale only engines in USA, they are in San Antonio TX ) but they don't have anything.

thanks in advance,
best regards,


P.S. admins sorry if i chose wrong section , please fell free to move topic.

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saab central has more u.s members and maybe a better option to source your information
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