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The following link will guide you to information as to resetting the limp home on the throttle body

Reset Limp Home

To reset the CEL and clear all codes remove Fuse 17 (ECU) from the fuse panel adjacent to driver's door. After 5 minutes reinsert. If CEL comes on again and throttle body goes back into limp home mode then you have a problem that will need a SAAB technician and a TECHII to resolve (probably). If the CEL remains out and the throttle body does not go back into limp home mode then you had a temporary glitch.

One drawback is that removing fuse 17 also clears the ECU of all adaptation settings and the car will have to learn your driving modes again - not really a problem - do a search on the forum for the quick method of resetting adaptation. Some will say you need to leave fuse 17 out for a long time but this is not necessary - 5 minutes is enough and I speak from personal experience.
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