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Hello All,

Firstly (Moderators) please let me know if this post is appropriate to this section.

I run a 1994 2.3 FPT CSE, and a 1993 2.3 FPT CD GRIFFIN (CD/CDE, I dont know)

Cannot afford to run 2 cars, and am looking for someone to take certain bits taken off the Griffin; walnut, interior etc, and put in the CSE.

Other bits of the Griffin (more complex / electrical / mechanical stuff) that are taken off I will keep for a rainy day.

I am looking for someone reasonably local (The South East)) to come and have a look and maybe do a deal where they can give me their time, I give them what would amount to a free car at the end of the day, albeit incomplete & partially in bits after swopping stuff over (Obviously the bits coming off the CSE would go with Griffin, but some bit off the Griffin I would want anyway for "Later").

Apart from needing the power steering pump sorting, the Griffin is very drivable. It has a gearbox problem but lots of miles (thousands) left in the Box. All electrics, engine are really good, everything else works. No bashes or dents, only car-park dings etc....

I could find someone locally to do it for a bit of cash, but would rather a Saab fan have the Griffin as too good to scrap as such (spares or repair to an "enthusiast"??)

Please let me know.

Again (Moderators) PLEASE let me know if any problems with this post. It is not a financial transaction in any way, just a possible benificial solution to a problem.

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