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I bought my 9-3 back in 2018, it only had 36,500 miles on it. I’ve got about 50k now. I’ve slowly taken on more and more of the work and maintenance. I had this ongoing misfire at idle and in reverse issue which I couldn’t figure out. Until I realized a Rookie mistake that is talked about here. I changed and cleaned the plugs, cleaned the MAF, cleaned the throttle body, I did lots of things.

It kept coming back, until I finally realized with the help of my mechanic; a Chinese DIC. Since we swapped it out this is a different car. This is my first Saab, so I didn’t realize the power I was supposed to have vs the power I had. Wow - what a difference.

just thought I’d say thanks to all the contributors and hope I get to point where I can return the favor.

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