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Leaded or Unleaded

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I am picking up my first this Saturday after purchasing as a trade sale from a local non Saab dealer. We have tried to contact the past regarding the type of fuel he used but without luck. The model is an E plate (1988) - 8 V Turbo. I have been told told that I can use unleaded or 4 star petrol but not being too technical I need advise on whether I should stick to the fuel that it has run on or will in not cause any damage if fill up with red or green stuff. Please help!
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TimB Any MY1985 onwards Saab can run safely on unleaded. If it has a catalytic converter it *must* be run on unleaded.

4 Star is higher octane and will give you greater performance (and emptier wallet) for each Octane number increase there is a 1 or 2% increase in performance.

It is safe for you to use use unleaded.

As John says use unleaded if it has a catalytic converter fitted otherwise you can use unleaded or leaded. I have a c-reg 900T8v and use unleaded. The APC pots have possibly been tweaked so I get 'adequate' performance on this, if I fancy a blast I sometimes splash in a tank of super unleaded!
Our 1989 900S 16V was bought with 121,000 miles on the clock. We have run it on unleaded throughout. At 170,000 the cylinder head was changed (a crack had developed that may have been caused by thermal stress shortly before we bought the car - the radiator and hoses had been replaced by the dealer after the original radiator blew up). The engine bores, pistons, valve gear, stems, valve seats etc were absolutely perfect and my mechanic had a very simple job to transfer them all over to the new head. Car runs very sweetly at 195,000 miles still on unleaded.

I ran my 1989 9000 (2.0 Turbo) Carlsson on unleaded for all the time I owned the car (87,500 miles to 133,000 miles) with no problems.

I don't run my current 9000 CSE 2.3 Turbo Auto on unleaded, because it has been converted to lpg (which is much cheaper) I only switch over to unleaded to check that the fuel injection system is working.

HTH and gives you some confidence in using unleaded

Any clue as to wether my '80 900GLE is okay on unleaded? I've only used 4* so far but it's crippling me in the wallet department.

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