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hi all - first post on here

ive a 04 plate 93 2.0L convertible

key fob stopped working a few weeks ago so am currently using key to lock\unlock passenger door to get into car

i've looked at some other forums and followed advice to disconnect battery for 30mins and then fob should reset when put into ignition but it hasn't worked and I get a warning message that battery is low in key fob - i have replaced the battery in both fobs and get the same message if i use either

alongside this, my passenger side window wont open with either button on drivers side or passenger side door - it doesn't even open slightly when raising roof like drivers side window does

i don't know whether the 2 issues are connected or not?

could this be a blown fuse issue or something more serious?

i'm not very car savvy so any help or advice would be hugely appreciated

Thanks in advance


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Have you checked the voltage of the replacement batteries?
The window problem could be the regulator itself.door panel off to investigate.
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