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Hi Everyone
we have just bought our first Saab. she is a 9-5 estate 1.9 TiD Vector Anniversary in beautiful Light blue. Looks amazing.
Took her for a long test drive and no issues apart from a little stiff to steer when stationary, but quickly lightens up. Bought her with engine and gearbox warranty which turned out to be a wise choice as on the drive home to Yorkshire from Birmingham the Turbo boost stopped. Managed to get her off the M1 and pulled over. After a full throttle blast tonnes of black soot was thrown out. After that she ran well but the MIL came on. Took into my garage who diagnosed a can bus fault whatever that means.
He said he could here a slight whistle and identified this as a leaking pipe. The guys here in Otley very quickly realised many of the pipes had not been correctly tightened up. The car had been in for a Belt and water-pump change just prior to me buying so maybe something to do with the work carried out then. Now testing out for a week to see if that cures the cut in power.
Car has a few trim niggles. The ash tray would not stay shut, so did the Ebay thing and found one at £40!! took a look at getting it out and found a small cogged wheel resting on the inside cavity. I found a empty space under the tray that this wheel fitted. Secured it back and all is good!!. Second trim part is the jalouise blind it is in pieces. Took a while to find out what these things are called but so far not found one, but seen a youtube video on how to get it in without removing the shifter.
There is a small piece of carpet trim missing in the passenger foot-well that covers 2 hot heater pipes. Wifey burnt her feet twice on the test drive, so for now using an old rear mat to cover up. Have spoken to a lovely lad called Hal at Saab Spares and he thinks he may have one in dark grey.
Last niggle is the passenger inside front door handle is missing the screw cover cap. Doesn't bother me but is a niggle for my wife as she gets her finger nails caught when opening. Not sure if I will ever find one of those.
So not been plane sailing owning a Saab so far, but hoping the worst is behind us and ready for long comfortable journeys.
Turned out to be a long introduction but thanks for reading. especially if you got to the end! Lol
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