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jigsaw puzzle

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My son went off to oz leaving me two nice puzzles

As some of you are aware he had a litle front shunt which ripped off the front of his carlsson
he disasembled the front took the radiator/intercooler/a/c condenser off and straightened the front panel
he took all the bits off the bumper and threw away the plastic pieces
Puzzle no 1
rad/i/c/condenser how do they fit together ?
I cannot work out how they affix at all
they are not like the aero ..the fixings on the condenser do not seem to fit onto any part of the rad or i/c

puzzle no 2
the front bumper /spoiler
I was left with four bits of thin metal
the big metal bumper thing and the foam insert
(as well as a new plastic overbumper and bottom spoiler ..thanks jason !!)

I have worked out how to fit the big metal under bumper and the foam bit but I cannot work out where the thin bits of metal go and how the bottom of the spoiler is attached to the main plastic bumper bit...and how it is fixed into place ..

I must be thick (or had too many budvars !)

I hope some-one can understand this !!
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It's late and I've had too much beer, but you could look at my carly on Saturday before I go away....

Or I could have a look tomorrow when I get home from work.

as well as a new plastic overbumper and bottom spoiler ..thanks jason ![/b]
Ah - small world, you now have my old Carly front bumber

Umm and I'm not too sure how it came off. At the sides (wings) there are two bolts that are part of the thin metal things ?
The spoiler with driving lights uses captive (collapsable) nuts to fit at the top to the over bumber?
Send me some pictures it my jog my memory!!
Ylee, if you have the owners manual for the saab 9000 it shows a diagram from front to back and the correct sequence of radiators, if you want i can look it up.

HTH Haggag01
thanks haggag
I will have a look
my garage seems to have eaten my manual !!
cannot find the d4mn thing !!
Hello Ylee,

According to my 94 manual this is the sequence.
Starting from the front of the car:
1. fan for ac condenser( certain markets only)
2. ac condenser (coolant/air)
3. intercooler (air/air)
4. radiator (water/air)
5. radiator fan

hope this helps Haggag01
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They say a 1000 words is worth a picture....

From front to rear, all left/rights are from looking at the grill:-

ACC radiator:-
Offset to the nearside from centreline by about 3-4"
Bracket at top comes round from rear and mounts on a rubber bust to the underside of the slam panel (just above horn in picture)
Another bracket just to the left of the bracket
Also A bolt head in the lower left and maybe one in the lower right
ACC pipes attach to the LHS,
Tabs on LHS of ACC rad at the front

Also set to right by 3-4"
inlet and outlat at lower edges facing rear.

Also set to the right by 3-4"
Radiator hangs behind slam panel and is not connected to the ACC or Intercooler
Connected to raer of slam panel
Lugs go into recesses at bottom
See photo for alignment

Oil cooler:-
sits in the left 3-4" and has clear airflow from the grill

Sorry can't see into Spoiler/bumper sections due to undertray etc.

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