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after years of sweat,blind alleys, broken gearboxes,quick fixes,bodges
the aeromonster is as I planned...
The final chapter was to replace the throttle flap which was modified when in sweden to allow it to idle when the cams were "off"
this needed a re-do of the idle speed with a tech 2 which was done today
What a revelation
It works like a normal aero around town (a little vibratory on idle but acceptable)but with that extra something when traffic allows
I am very pleased with the result now
It is making a true 400 hp with 400 ft lbs of torque and the power delivery is very linear.
pulls reaally hard from 3,500 rpm with reasonable throttle response below this
Traction is a problem..butwith any car of this power will have problems here
Reflections ...
would I do it again ?
no problem
would I do it the way I did it way
the biggest problem was the maptun cams being "Off" which lead to rough running and low power
took a year to sort out
I would probably pick a slightly smaller turbo with a better pick up and "push it more " to get the hp
I would also do the engine work before tackling the upgrade

Whats next ?

I really do not need more power but I am working to improve the response so awaiting a tubular exhaust manifold from maptun
and that will be it ,honest

Thanks to ....
engine strip down/build up/stage 6 install
John Cartwright @ WMSS
Engine Balance /head port/bigger valves
Charlie @ CTM performance
Gearbox rebuilds .Tim @ roseisle cars
Maptun stage 6 and lot of bits and a fantastic service
Julian @ Elkparts/Maptun uk
Custom Software
Fredrik @ Maptun se


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Well then, now you've finished that project you'll be looking for another. Of course if fincancing your next project could be a challenge I'd be willing to take your last one off your hands.

Well done!

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Top one mate!!!
Hope I never bump into you again on a clear stretch of the M60 as you may just show me up
Seriously though pleased as punch for you and next time we meet I wanna drive your beast!
All the best

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Congratulations Ylee
You must be quite relieved to have the cams/throttle issues resolved. IIRC, you're using the Garrett GT30R? I wonder if the GT2871R would have been a less painful exercise? I've ridden in Hakan's 9000, which develops 450 hp using a TD06-24 w/headers. Even with the headers, there's some lag, but like you say, once over 3.5k look out
Hakan, unlike Fredrik, uses the internal wastegate. Would you use an external one like Fredrik has on his? Also, I know yours is the same color vehicle as Fredrik's, is it the same year, too, or is it an Aero?

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throttle flap was changed brcause johnny's mechanic drilled a hole in it to help it to idle
so when the cams were timed properly the idle was a tad high
so I replaced with a non holey one (thanks scareo)

the 2871 would probably be better or the new 3071 looks good too.... both were unavailable when the conversion was done
GTBB30 was quoted is it an r? donno...
has an internal wastegate
base car was an Aero with 200k

only tcs stage 6 ? maybe..
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