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Hello, new member here! I have a much-loved 1992 Saab 900 S Aero LPT, manual transmission, Scarabé Green and lovely classic Aero alloys. (I believe ‘lovely’ is the correct technical term for them).

My brother bought a red one in ‘91 and despite zero interest till that moment, I suddenly started noticing car design. I fell in love with a green convertible 900, decided against a rag top and took a months to searching for the one I wanted in green. The bro found one less than a year old and I’ve now been driving her very happily for the last 30 years. The window motors conked out about 20 years ago, but the brother fixed that.

Ms Saab still handles like a dream, has that wonderful distinctive engine sound* and is as quiet at speeds one shouldn’t admit to as at 40 mph. What a piece of engineering and design. I’ll probably have to part with her soon though, which is heartbreaking… there is no modern car I can even begin to like after driving this quirky, beautiful machine for so long.

* Well she did have. I think maybe the catalytic converter’s been nicked. Not sure how to check visually, but I posted about that seperately in the hope that someone can help!
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