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The following is a transcript of an interview I recorded with Andrew Dyson.

Andrew works for Gm Advanced Design and was the lead designer of the Saab 9-4x Biopower concept. We cover a lot of ground here and I’d like to thank Andrew for being so accommodating. Like all the Saab people I met at the Detroit show he is top shelf, and I hope you enjoy his insights into the 9-4x and the concept car process in general.

Andrew Dyson, can you tell us a bit about your role with this new Saab 9-4x BioPower concept car?

<blockquote>Yeah, I'm chief designer, working for Anthony Lo in the Advanced Design Group at General Motors Europe. I was responsible for the complete 9-4x BioPower concept that we've got here at Detroit. I led the team of designers, both exterior and interior to get the concept here that we're seeing right now.

How big was the team?

<blockquote>The core group was myself and two designers: Clarence Kim and Ernesto Ruper, and we also had the support of some of the other designers, probably about 5 or 6 designers who helped us out with a lot of the detailing on both exterior and interior, and also the Salomon connection with the car, we've got the skis and the collaboration with Saab and Salomon, and also our brand center in Sweden, there was a lot of support from there in terms of colors, materials, execution of headlights, tail lights.


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