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Dear Saabscene,
I am here from a long time, reading your solutions for our favorite brand.
Now i have a serious case, so maybe you can advice me where is the problem.
Shortly: Saab 903 1.9 TID - Z19DT - 120 h.p. - 2010 year.
I blocked the engine, because of my mistake - i just did not care of the DPF which was completely full
from a long time.
Anyway, whats the situation: Replaced/Ne engine - all parts inside -
New engine - New Turbo - New injectors - nee DPF - New clutch.
Actually i changed anything, except the radiator:) and EGR valve (he was okey before to blocked the engine)
All parts both from Germany.
The mechanicals did great job.When i took the car, after all those repairs, it was great performance within the first
3000 km.
The PROBLEM: After 3000 km, the car just began to interrupt work, after 1.000 rpm - to 2.000 rmp.
Like going in hole - just interrupt when push a little or more the gas pedal.
Than we checked the injectors ( they was not good at all, after my engine block) and i changed all of them
with new one.
Still same problem! The diagnostic shows something strange - the Turbo starts on 2.300 rpm.!!?????
Why, what is the reason, is this concerns the problem?
Anyway, the diagnostics shows no problem at all, but the car just cant be drive. Pushing my nervous, working with interruption, no smooth till 2.000 rpm.Do you have any idea where to look for that problem?
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