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There are over 2 million people with diabetes in the UK

Estimates are of a large number of people in the UK who don't know that they have the condition.

Occasional blurring or difficulty focussing of vision.

Frequent stops at service stations after a larger meal including chips and dessert.

Fidgety or burning feet after large meals.

There are 33 million people with diabetes across the whole of Europe.

The numbers of cases reported are increasing.

...and do we know how to talk about issues? What issues? Where?

For your interest.[/b]
Type II diabetic here. I was diagnosed at the start of this year, so have just been through the who do I have to notify scenario. The advice that I was given was, to be blunt hopeless. Most of it was wrong, and I spent a fair few days distressed that I was going to either lose my license or that my insurance premium was about to go through the roof, atmosphere and stratosphere.

I also have an autistic child, and it was much easier getting information about autism than about diabetes.

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