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Has anyone else experienced this?

99% of the time my 9000 (1992 CS 2.0 non-turbo) starts on the button with no problems whatsoever. However a couple of times now, most recently last weekend, it has refused to start and taken about 8 or 9 attempts (20-30 secs a time) for it to finally kick into life. It then runs unevenly for a couple of seconds before settling down and then everything is back to normal.

Now when this happens and I try and start the car the starter motor turns but it feels almost as if it is not actually turning the engine. It is like this for the first 3 or 4 attempts, but typically by the fifth or sixth attempt the engine feels like it is turning sporadically - just enough to start the car. Any ideas as I’m constantly expecting to end up stranded somewhere?

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