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Well since no ones intrested in buying the beast I am gonna keep it. Pretty much cemented by the fact I stuck a tenner of fuel in it.

Long post this btw.

Anyway Saab 9000i 2litre NA auto.

Firstly the other night I took the throttle body off again and managed to clean it up a tad better than I managed before.

Why you ask? to try and see if it would sort out my fast idle thats why.

Anyway it didn't. I can also see daylight around the butterflys circumference, not much but enough. Even taking the throttle stop screw out and forcing the throttle arm back doesn't completely close it off.

It idle around 1krpm when cold and as the engine heats up it creeps up to 1200rpm.

Clamping the feed pipe to the idle control valve does nothing to drop the idle.

What does make the idle drop though is removing my cheapo small dia pipe from the cam cover to the TB after the throttle plate. Doing this even if you don't block the stub the idle drops to about 1krpm at hot idle. I am getting a bit of blow by, but nothign that I would regard as knackered bottom end blow by. So did the original pipe have a restrictor in it? I don't remeber it having one.

Also unplugging the air flow meter makes the idle drop to what I would call a normal speed of around 800rpm, but after a few seconds it pulses up and down, the revs that is.

Anyway I have checked and cleaned pretty much anythign I can think of. Even let it idle without touching the throttle until the fan came on to see if that would calibrate it (I think its a bit old for this right enough) and driven it about etc.

So if anyone has any ideas they would be appreciated.

I need to sort the exhaust as the other day it was started for the 1st time in a while and I let it idle then gave it a bit of throttle a black petroil rich plume of smoke engulfed the car then ignitied, much to my amusement but not when I saw the burn mark on my house and front window!

Also the cam chain is sounding knackered, like a grating sounds, which sort of pulses.

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