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The Idle control valve is liek previously said the cylindrical silver object with an electrical connection and 2 rubber hoses going to it.

Press the wire clip on the electrical connection, a lot of peopel have trouble with that!

Undo the jubilee clips on the hoses then slide the valve out of the rubber support.

Take the rubber hoses off of the manifold and the one on the throttle body. Clean them out as well.

Spray the valve with carb/brake cleaner then shake it, hopefully a load of black liquid will pour out. Keep cleaning it until its nice and shiny. Then a squirt of wd40 up it and a shake will do the rest. Stick it back on and that should be that.

If that doesn't sort the problem then squeeze the hose from the throttle body to the valve, if the revs now drop then you have a problem like a dodgy coolant temp sender, if the revs don't drop then you have a leak in the inlet manifold or an open throttle plate.

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