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Hi All
This has become a real headbanger. First the car -1995 900se manual Turbo Convertible. 121K miles The issue - idle.
A few months ago I noticed the idle creeping up on the tach. Didn't give it much thought as my understanding of the Saab tach is that at the lower end it's not really accurate. The idle has always been around 1000-1100rpm. One day I start the car and the idle is hunting, 1000 - 1800 rpm. I check with the A/C on and off no difference. I assume it's the idle control valve, so I pick up a new one and it's still doing the same thing. I exchange it out for another ( Bosch ) and same behavior. I am checking everything that even remotely has to do with idling that I know of. No luck. As a last resort I disconnect the idle air valve and the problem goes away instantly. Leave it disconnected starts right up, even in the dead of winter. Idle seems to have settled in at 1100 rpm or so. Car drives fine, no hesitation, gas mileage about 21 local and 27 on the highway, using mid grade fuel, and it does reasonably well in autocross.
The question(s) - my curiosity will not let me leave this alone and I want to find out what's going on here and fix it
or To hell with it. It idles fine, no drivability issues, forget that you have a part that not plugged in and
just keep driving with the elephant in the room as it were. Any thoughts, anyone?
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