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Whilst having a service recently, a local Saab dealer very kindly misplaced the key that disables the alarm on my 9000 CSE. (The one hidden in the glove box that switched the alarm off for servicing.)

The parts department cannot get a replacement nor do they appear to know how to go about finding out anything about the alarm. A Saab fitted IA200 with remote locking and Ultrasonic detectors.

Has anyone any ideas as to how I can either.

1. Get a replacement key
2. Get a replacement switch (including a key ;-0 )
3. Which wires I need to join together to get the alarm working again.

I appreciate that this last request is back to front as most people (especially thieving b****ds) want to disable not enable the alarm.

Also, whilst on the subject. Where can I get the Remote button cloned as the dealer cannot get a new one of these either !

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