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I love the 9-5 but i'm not dropping 40k

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i love this car to death but i have better things to do with my money.

so my plan is to get a 99/00 9-5 and convert it into a 04 Aero

i took some snapshots of a couple 04's today and some older models and realized that all you have to do to complete this task is

- change front bumper cover
- change headlamps to projector style
- chage rear tail lights
- add body colored rear decor panel
- add clear sidemarkers
- remove badges and put on new ones
and you've got yourself an '04!

the only giveaway are the side mirrors, on the new models they are apart of the door but not even Mike Mauer would notice.

i would of course upgrade performance , as seen here

my reason for getting the 'new style' headlamps is to add a HID light system. a reliable brand of course, that has some type of insurance.

and then on the inside HIRSCHit up

and probably add that hirsch exhaust , wheels and spoiler

all together including adding a NAVI/ENT. system i'll spend about 10k. and another 10k for the car. sounds alot better than 40k. the only thing that i lose are the A/C seats and i would've lost those anyway by upgrading to the Hirsch seats.

i doubt it if SAAB USA okays Hirsch anytime soon so it seems as though i'm gonna have to pick up some stuff at Reading Saab when i take my vacA to London next summer
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Mmm, helluva project - look forward to hearing more!
Dont want to be the first to throw cold water on you, but...

there are a few flaws with your plan.

1. xenon lighting on the 9-5 has it's own self levelling system...

2. If you change the bumper skin to a 2002+ model, you will also find they swopped to high pressure jet wash in place of the wipers.

Best of luck.

This is my plan too when the looks of my '99 start to get square .

I can't see a problem with the '02 or the '04.

Not sure how the rear number plate surround fits to the pre'02 boot... possibly a different boot?

Rears , no problem.
Front , normal will go straight in. Xenon ones with the self leveling I have heard will not go in or will be one h3ll of a wiring job!
I wanted to fit these as I wanted to eventually add a kind of 'Angel eye' -
pic2 .
As for the headlamp washers I would probably just do without (less weight for more

I have seen an '02 Aero with the pre'02 (three spoke) alloys and it actually looked pretty cool and they didn't look out of place or old.

I have considered the '02 Aero sports seats, even going to the extent of having beige sports seats, and having the door armrest cloth bits professionally leathered in beige... a sort of charcoal- beige two tone, but not sure about that one. My main goal was the Hirsch seats but cost is the main thing.

I would be quite interested if Squishmann has a price/parts list of all the mods you are wanting to do. My pot of money wasn't 10K though and I was going to try and do it with secondhand parts - although these are probably rarer than rocking horse s*&t.

Some of you might be thinking why bother? me too, but when my engine and turbo have only covered ~25K, matching that mileage with a nearly new Aero would be very expensive...
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yea, i don't car about the headlight washers. i don't go treking through the woods and swamps.

and if it snows i always wipe em off myself

as for the lights i know that they don't self level and therefore are illegal, but i see people driving around w/o lights so i see no problem
A lack of headlamp washers in the EU would make fitment of xenons illegal anyway...
Not sure about us lighting laws...
A lack of headlamp washers in the EU would make fitment of xenons illegal anyway

ooo, didn't know that. I suppose something would have to be fitted then... . could be quite expensive

...unless of course you fit the clear lensed non-xenon...?
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While I applaude those who have the skill/time/patience to modify their cars, I do wonder at some of the proceeding comments...

As has been mentioned in another thread, if your car is illegal, your insurer will laugh at you when you try to make a claim.

If you omit to mention your mods, see above..

If the police get involved.. well...

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These are just thoughts of modifications. My car in it's present state is no way illegal and is fully insured.

Before any modifications are/would be made, if any, a full investigation would be made eg. an MOT tester I know and my insurance company.

There is no way I would risk wasting time, money and breaking the law!!!

You were not who I had in mind!!!
(see the sixth part of this thread)

Happy New Year.
You can make a 99-00 model look like an '02- or even '04 model, I am sure - but underneath the suspension saw a quite comprehensive upgrade for the '02 facelift. So it will never be a later spec Aero, technically.
Sorry wasn't sure
but wanted to get the point across about modifying my motor, plus the main fact of not gving the impression that I want to deface/ruin my Saab. I would want it done properly

"but underneath the suspension saw a quite comprehensive upgrade for the '02 facelift"
Well the shocks and springs wouldn't matter as I have the Eibachs now. The anti-roll bar could be changed (I still have stock) and Abbott do the hub stiffening kit, not sure if it works . All these are on my list anyway (this list is getting bigger and the Saab will probably have rusted away by the time it's completed ).
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hey squish...
5 speed Aeros price out at around 36K, with vented seats.

By the time you have bought an older one (25K for for CPO), spent 6000 bucks for the new front end (my insurance agents daughter drove his 02 Aero into an Expedition), plus paint and install labor for the above, you are at 35K anway.
The f/e broke down to 2800 for the cover/washers, 1400 for headlamp fixtures,800 for grill inserts, 600 for foglights, and 400 bucks for brackets to mount it all.
You might want to watch the year end demo and loaner cars for great discounts. I just got a 2003 9-5 Linear for $10,000 off sticker and a Chicago dealer has is advertising a 2003 Aero demo for $13k off. That should bring it down to about $30k with minimal mileage.
Blurry 'ell!! Those US prices are SO CHEAP!!! 36K USD is about 24K GBP, which is 4K off list price here, not including vented seats. And the cost of transport to you is higher. We must be really subsidising you guys...
Originally posted by fliptop:
[qb]  We must be really subsidising you guys... [/qb][/b]
More like Big Brother GM keepin' the iron moving.

It is kind of nice, really... our 02 9-5 Linear, Premium auto. was @31K, and our 03 9-3SS Linear/Launch/Touring/Sport came out to aorund @26K.
The end of the year savings were substantial on the Saab loaners and demos. I bought an 03 Linear 9-5, with 7400miles, and Saab 6yr/100,000mi certification for about $27K US. I left very happy. Yes, I belive GM is subsidising the US sales. I'm glad to be driving a Swede again even tho I wanted an Aero. The Linear is very nice indeed.
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