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Maybe I shouldn't 'fess up but here goes..

I recently posted that my headlamps wouldn't latch to main-beam...

I took all the relays apart, had the fuse-board out, wiggled every connection I could think of then scratched my head and looked vacant (that was the easy part..!)

Then I looked at the main light switch and realised that it was in the 'off' position, but that the lights were still on.... hmmmm I turned the switch to the normal 'on' position and Hey-Presto, Abracadidgery-doo, main beam latching was restored...

How? Well, whilst replacing the failed pilot light fuse, I'd noticed a missing fuse space which I filled thinking it was needed (I'd knocked one out replacing the pilot light fuse) but not realising it was to enable the Daytime Running Lights.... and in DRL mode, main beam will flash but not latch...

Here endeth the eleventh lesson...

Red faced

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