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My 96 9000CS runs great in cool weather. Purchased at 39000 miles a few years ago, (just under 100000 miles now) it's always had problems in hot weather (above 90 or 95 degrees F) it will begin to run rough, pausing and almost quitting, especially upon shifting down under a load. If pulling hard enough in heat, it will die and require a 15 or 20 minute cool down to be restarted. Upon restart, there will be a great deal of black smoke for a period of time. Whenever it gets hot and the problems begin, there is a pronounced funny fuel smell (almost like an alcohol smell)coming from the engine area(?), not the exhaust.

My Saab mechanic is stumped. We've thrown a lot of $ at it including fuel pump, air mass meter, computer, and 5 or 6 others to no avail. Codes just indicate a rich mixture... my mechanic calles it a "junk code". I love this car, but it's really a problem for about 2 months out of every year.

Other wierd (related?) problems are a temp gauge that is intermittent, and the voltage indication that is normally at about 14V, but regularly "blips" down to 12V then right back up. Could we possibly have some sort in intermittent ground or something?
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