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My handbook for the 1990 model year states the Max HP to be 175 for non-cat 9000 2.0T. I have seen some websites that say it is 185 however. What is the true figure for my car, which is on a G plate, so early 1990 I think.

P.S. Still not sorted my outside temperature display, it just says F2 on the DCC/trip meter display. Is the outside temp sender unit cream crackered or the DCC itself at fault?

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Nah Kev, the 1990 Carly was 195bhp. Der rundown..

Full Pressure Turbos (T16's DI/APC)

1985-88 1985cc Oil-cooled turbo, 175bhp
1989-90 1985cc Water-cooled turbo, 185bhp
1990-92 2290cc Water-cooled turbo, 200bhp

Carlsson Turbo's

1988-89 1985cc T16, 206bhp
1990 1985cc T16, 195bhp
1991 2290cc Turbo, 220bhp
1992 2290cc CS Turbo, 220bhp


1985cc LPT 150bhp
2290cc LPT 170bhp
2290cc FPT 200bhp
2290cc Aero 225bhp

I will stand to be corrected.

The 1990 and 1991 cars had a smaller turbo than the 1988/89 cars. Also I think all 88/89 cars were MY89, although I can't confirm this.

And they all look like the dogs doodahs, except in white.
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