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How do install this piece correctly?

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Ok so the piece I have highlighted below was kindly destroyed by "American Tire Co." so I went out and got a new one. Unfortunetly I've never seen it installed correctly. How would I install it and the spring that goes with it correctly?
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Ok this is what I'm talking about:

Scaero address it in the last point, but I'm not clear as to which pegs he is talking about. There are two white pieces, the one I highlighted earlier [lets call this 1] and the one that you insert it into [2]. So there is a peg on 1, that one seems obvious, but on 2 I don't know where to attach the spring. Can some one help me out?
Well I think I figured it out so I'll detail what I did for future members:

On piece 2 there is a tab fixed at the 9 o'clock position. That is where the spring first attaches. The spring then goes around piece one counter-clockwise all the way about mid way between the 11 and 12 o'clock position. There you should have the tab from piece one and that is where you should attach the othe end of the spring.

So position the tab from piece one at about 11/12 o'clock. Then attach the spring on piece two tab and wrap counter-clockwise around piece one and attach to the tab on piece one...

I hope this helps.
Glad you managed to work it out.. thats part of my car that I've kept well away from
Gearlever fits like this....
Finally got out to take a photo

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