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How do i know if i have the aux-in lead (54plate 9-3 aero)

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As above, it seems to be activated on techII as i have the option of aux after going through my sources. However i get no sound when i plug into the aux-in port in the armrest.

Any ideas?
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Take the cover off the trans tunnel on the drivers side two bolts (torx believe T20-25) before pulling off get in the rear of the car and pull the rear cover off towards you then the panel slides towards the rear of the car, follow the cable from the arm rest to the front.

You may need to remove the EHU and check the it is connected there too -

Prize the ACC unit out from either side and disconnect then use the metal tabs to remove the EHU and check that it is connected.
Shall do that in the morning, cheers deano! :thumbsup:
It would appear i need the aux in lead, there seems to be a lead going from the socket but it disapears and doesn't resurface in the back of the EHU. Where would be the cheapest to get an aux in lead?

I did however manage to tidy up my rather ratty glove box trim:

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I cannot see a pic if you have uploaded one as it gets blocked at work. :(

Parts for saabs used to have them but seem to no longer stock them maybe worth a call to them failing that

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