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Hirsch-like Leather Dash - any DIY attempts?

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My 2008 tdi Vector Sport has the plain black plastic dash.
I fancy one of those leather Hirsch dash surrounds, and am thinking of getting a professional leather trimmer to cover a the dash surround, to create something similar.
Just wondered if anyone else has done this?

At the same time I'm going to take all the central console apart and put 'anti-squeaking' measures in place (such as strips of self-adhesive felt between each unit) to get rid of that 'plastic egg box' creaking noise.
And also put in a proper earth for the stereo, to see if that makes the Aux-in usable (currently rubbish).

If the leather dash works out nicely I might do a limited production run...let me know if you would be interested.

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I would be interested, depending on finish quality and price
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