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I have just fitted a second hand Hirsch ECU to my '94 2.0 LPT (previously fitted with i/c, JT exhaust, Forge DV etc).
Does anyone else have one of these ECU's?
It is definately much quicker
(and thirstier!
)but I would like some setting up info as none came with the unit and the Hirsch site only gives the performance (215 BHP/310Nm torque). I haven't had much time to test it as on the first outing the clutch gave up!

Should the base boost be reset, and if so what to?

What should the max boost be? I seem to sometimes hit 1.0bar, settling back to 0.8+. There is sometimes a little fluctuation 0.75 to 0.9. Is this likely to be due to a weak waste gate actuator spring not being able to hold the wastegate shut?
Any advice would be appreciated.
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