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Hi all, not posted for a while, some decent advice please.

1995 2.0 CSE Manual Trionic non turbo 88K FSSH
Generally she is running well, v.v slight seeping of oil via right front head gasket(should I get this fixed?), no frequent oil top ups, no coolant loss at all, 32-33mpg, NGK plugs, gapped correctly. Have tried optimax, no difference.
The problem is that when accelerating there is sometimes (8/10) not much power / the engine feels hesitant and constrained, then there is feeling of something cutting in (mis-fire stopping?) then we are ok , pulling nicely change gear and we go through the same symptoms again. 4th and 5th foot down 70+ she drives an responds OK (it is almost like the old weber twin choke carbs, suddenly power kicks in, but pants up to when it does).
I have been following DI cassette threads on the board, do you reckon this should be my first investigation or am I missing something that 9Ks are prone too? (like fit a turbo )

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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